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This post is a bunch of Euphoric Brag Rambling.

I don't know where else to put this but need to have it written. I've started to program my first full game, doing all of the coding, images, goals, and music. I'm good at one of these things already, and it's not one of the ones that normally requires a programmer or game developer to hire out of industry.

But you know what? Screw those hang-ups. I want to make a game that represents me, and I can't do that if I delegate rolls to other people. I want to make a game that shows a culmination of all the hours I spent loving little worlds inside of a screen, and I can't do that if I need to take one damn moment and explain that to someone else. So now I've sat down and learned how to code a bit, learned how to pixel art a bit, and learned how to produce sound effects and music a bit.

The music aspect has scared me most all along. I shiver with impending rejection anytime I touch a music program, even though I've got tunes in my head when I need them--if I forget to play a CD or MP3 when I'm in the car, sometimes I just start making melodies and rhythms without even thinking about it. Do these internal songs suck? I've had no way of knowing, ever. Until now. I wrote a song for my first itty-bitty game. I give songs stupid titles. This one is called "Slagacore's 7 Tips to Loving Yourself." It is action-packed, because this first game is a sidescrolling shoot-em'-up. I had the original midi converted into a .wav file, playing it like a classic 8-bit song.

Listening to it feels like a statement of a possibility.

I think I can do this. I think I can make this dream real if I try. This song feels good, like holy shit I made that? I know I'll do even better if I wait, listen, and create some more.

I'll post a link to the downloadable game when it's done. It's not far off.


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